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11921 Hilltop Rd. Ste #10
Argyle, TX, 76226
United States


One stitch at a time. Which Stitch will you be? For every item purchased, Six Stitch Apparel will donate $6 to that Stitch's(x) cause. We want to be a company that raises awareness and is an advocate for those in need.

About Us


Six Stitch Apparel offers a variety of custom apparel services.  Our client base consists of bands, schools, athletic teams, various businesses and organizations. We can also print for special events, no matter how big or small.  The passion our team has for quality is evident in each product that leaves our facility.

If we aren’t designing or printing, we’re dreaming.

Six Stitch Apparel was created as a symbol of our family of six; a symbol of each person’s unique qualities, but also their importance to our family bond.  A stitch also holds a garment together, and can join the common with the uncommon to aid in creating a work of art.  A stitch can mend the torn, and help heal the broken and battered.  Much like my family, all of us as people are stitched together in this journey we call “Life.” 

We also have a responsibility to love our neighbors as ourselves, and to look out and help those who cannot help themselves.  At Six Stitch Apparel, each stitch represents a need.  A need that, for most of us, may be out of sight and out of mind.  Six Stitch Apparel’s desire is to bring awareness and support to these needs. 

For every piece of Six Stitch Apparel branded merchandise purchased, Six Stitch Apparel will give $6 to a designated STITCH (the need or cause). our goal is to partner with a new organization every month that represents one of the stitches, and donate towards their cause for each shirt sold.